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Redundancy vs Non-Redundancy

After years of trying to produce IT infrastructure capable of providing highly available applications, trying to provide redundancy, increase uptime to the impossible 100%; I came to a very sad realization. Downtime is impossible to avoid, despite the best effort of a lot of professional people like me. The reason is “Too many variables”, and often, the downtime is caused by the same tools that supposed to prevent it.

Linux-HA, Virtual IPs, Oracle RAC, DB2 HADR, OCFS2, etc; you name it. This technologies are very vulnerable, the simplest hiccup in the environment causes adverse effects. Now if you have been in the Read more »

Road Runner Extreme or Wideband Bridge Mode

When Time Warner Cable started advertising Road Runner Extreme to my area, I immediately signed-up. To make a long story short, the technician showed up with an ugly Ubee router/modem. I was told that it did everything including wi-fi. At that point I immediately replied, I just want the speed, not all the other features, I already have a router setup for all that. Again, to shorten the story, I was told, “That’s the solution for Road Runner Extreme”, either take it or leave it. I wanted the speed to bad that I took the solution thinking to somehow convert it to bridge mode.

After running few hours with the so called “Solution”, I loved the speed, however, I immediately missed my dd-wrt router. So I got to work on converting the router/modem to just modem or bridge mode.

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