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Backup and Restore Android and Apps

With the Android Operating System, or any other Operating System for that matter, it is important to keep your data safe so that in the event of a catastrophic failure, you are able to restore your applications together with all your data. Smart Phones are becoming used more and more so their data becomes more important every day.

Keeping you data backed up can be easily achieved by using applications designed for that specific purpose, which bottom line, is what we care about.

Fortunately, Android already keep much of your data safe in the cloud attached to you Google account, in the event of a failure, re-using your Google account guarantees that the Google services used prior are backed up and restored. For example, Contacts, GMail, Calendar, Google+, Youtube, etc; but what about you applications?

You are still with me, excellent, so let’s divide the backup in different categories, we have: Cold Backup, Application+Data Backup, and Media Backup.

Cold Backup:

First of all, let’s define a cold backup for people unaware of the concept; a cold backup is saving your data while the data is not actively Read more »

Android Equalizer (DSP Manager)

If you always wanted an equalizer application for Android, this is the post for you. You can finally use the famous DSP Manager application (not available in the Android market) to add equalizer capabilities to Android.

DSP Manager allows audio manipulation controls of the different output devices, headset, speaker, and bluetooth; things like Loudness, virtual room emulation, and equalizer controls.

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for DSP Manager to be available without have to change the .so library for compatibility.

Of course, I deny any responsibility of damage caused to your device. I provide this information as is and the actual process may differ on your device.

In order to install DSP Manager perform: Read more »

Free Cloud Storage Solutions

Some time back, I decided to start investigating could services for storing personal files, pictures, music, and videos. Running backups of my personal files and the inability to easily shared them across multiple devices made me start researching cloud services. I had few requirements:

  • Run on Windows, Linux, and Android
  • Personal file backup
  • Ability to share files and music on all my devices
  • Low overhead running the services

After I identified the requirements, I started the research and found the following services broken down by service type; I divided the sections into 4 major sections: File Services, Music Services, Picture Services, and Video Services:

Read more »