Android Must Have Apps

After a couple of years running the Android Operating System, I compiled few android must have applications; these applications are for rooted and non-rooted users:

For the Rooted crowd:

  • aLogCat: should you need to look at the internal Android logs, very customisable.
  • ASTRO File Manager: excellent app to look at the android file system; it integrates well with the internal applications
  • BusyBox Installer: installs BusyBox; if you’re saying what’s that? Well time to start studying…
  • ConnectBot: excellent terminal emulation, supports ssh, telnet, and local
  • Llama: love this one, it allows phone to change settings based on multiple cell tower location. Best location application on the market.
  • Network Usage: must have for users with data cap. It allows monitoring of data usage by application.
  • OS Monitor: must have for serious users; it monitors the entire Android operating system. This is not for everyone.
  • Quadrant Standard: must have for performance benchmarking. Simple and useful.
  • ROM Manager: this app is only if you want to run custom roms. Great app, I own the paid version of it. Requires to root the phone
  • Rom Toolbox: same category as ROM manager. Great application. Required to root the phone
  • great app for measuring bandwidth.
  • SystemPanel Lite: great task manager; the best on in my opinion.
  • Wireless Tether: best app for tethering via wi-fi.

For the non Rooted crowd:

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  • Adobe Flash Player: this is not really a must have, however, some web sites do not work well without it.
  • Amazon AppStore: must have for the free daily paid app. You have enable “Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources” in the phone settings to allow it to run. Amazon’s guide is pretty useful.
  • Bloomberg: excellent applications if you watch the worldwide markets
  • PhotoVault: excellent applications to hide pictures that you don’t want anyone to see. The application will encrypt pictures behind a password
  • Google Docs: the original Google Docs application. Must have for gdocs integration
  • Google Finance: excellent application to watch worldwide markets
  • Google Voice: I am going to write a separate post for Google Voice and the benefits. A must have for people who want to save money.
  • Pandora: must have; in my opinion, the best Internet customised radio.
  • Skype: now that many phones have front cameras. I used it all the times to talk to friends and family overseas.
  • WeatherBug Elite: best weather application in my opinion.
  • World Newspapers: if you read newspapers in different languages, this application is a must.

Hope my list of application helps you select the best smartphone experience possible. I intentionally left out things like Yellow Pages, Google Maps, GMail, etc. because they are normally integrated in the smartphone.

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  1. Hey bud, nice post!

    The first time I brought it up (on my phone), it had some social bookmarking links at the bottom. I clicked one that I failed to finish, and when I came back to try again, the buttons were gone.

    Were you messing around with your site, or is something funky going on?

  2. thanks, not sure what happened here…i wasn’t messing around with the site. The social links are drop down links only. I think you have to be logged in for it to work. I will check on it…

  3. Must have Android Apps: November 2011 - pingback on November 16, 2011 at 10:11 pm
  4. let me know when you post your article on google voice. i’ve thought several times of doing the same for my friends who are unfamiliar with it, but i’m too lazy to do so. it is a wonderful service, and i use it extensively. enjoying the site!

  5. A real hacker only needs one: Connectbot

    OSMonitor – for a GUI to log/clock your phone

  6. Hey, great article. Bookmarked the site ;)

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