This is my attempt to build the one of the most advanced, complete, and functional custom ICS ROM for the Atrix 4G completely built from source code; Atrix-MROM-ICS is built on top of Cyanogen ROM, currently 9, kernel, and Motorola proprietary ICS drivers. I recompiled all components to guarantee maximum efficiency and performance. Along the way, I realized that I needed things to work different for the Atrix 4G, so I also made some changes. If you like my work, consider a donation to my cause.

Atrix-MROM_ICS is entirely build from source. You will see the difference when you run it. Just to list a few features:

  • Boot time in about 30 seconds
  • Optimum battery life, better than any other ICS ROM I have tested
  • Quick and responsive
  • Contains all the most common Atrix tweaks
  • MIUI Camera for a better picture experience
  • QuickPic gallery application
  • SuperSU for better super user administration

Unlike other ROMS, Atrix-MROM focuses on stability and performance, while I tried to maintain the main core small, size is not the main focus.


  • Clockworkmod recovery
  • Atrix 4G with an unlocked bootloader



  • Backup your current ROM
  • Boot Clockworkmod recovery
  • Perform a factory reset (data and cache) *** NOT REQUIRED IF UPDATING FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION OF Atrix-MROM ***
  • Clean dalvik cache
  • Install Atrix-MROM-ICS zip file
  • Apply Ram Fix for your appropriate hardware tegra d00 or 1100
  • Boot the phone
  • Reboot in recovery and install Google ICS Apps (this is required to avoid the home and search button not working)
  • Reboot
  • 1st reboot takes a little longer

Update from a previous version:

  • Download file
  • Put the file somewhere on the sdcard
  • Boot into recovery and install zip
  • Apply Ram Fix for your appropriate hardware tegra d00 or 1100
  • Install Google ICS Apps
  • Wipe cache/dalvik
  • Reboot
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GApp Files:

The following gapps ICS files are provided as-is from CyanogenMOD:

Atrix-MROM-ICS Change Log is located here.

All the ROM changes are available via my github repository

The ROM is also available on


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  1. hi when i install this rom it’s run smoothly but i have some problem need your help there is no int-storage (but when i check in setting i see it but in gallary or else where no) help me please… i really need your help i love using your roms.

  2. i saw it in root explorer but the other app cant access it

  3. Is the fingerprint working on the latest biuld?

  4. Hi, really impressed with your work,cm 7 was magical,3 day battery,now on latest cm9, I am in awe,waiting for battery fix to kick in,640 ram 2%CPU on supertoolbox. Thank you so much for bringing my moto to a new and exciting level. Regards. Steve, Durban, south Africa

  5. How do I know which RAMFIX to use???? I have Korean MB860-Atrix 4G

    • Michael Montuori

      That depends on your tegra part, you could simply apply the d00 first, then if the phone boots and it displays 855MB memory, you are fine, if not use the other one, the phone will not break.

  6. I really really appreciate you effort, Montuori. Thank you.

    I installed the + RamFix-d00 + on my Atrix 4G, things are working fine except the video playback. Every time I play the video (including the video i recorded before by that Atrix) the phone reboots.

    Anyone have the ssame issue ? and what is the solution?

    Thank you.

    • Michael Montuori

      Sorry, that is due to the bad kernel leak from motorola. However, if you email me the logcat while the error is happening, it could show a different reason…

  7. I love your rom but I have a problem, when I’m under your rom, APN can’t be saved so I can’t connect to my network :/
    Anything to fix this ?

    • Michael Montuori

      When you say APN can’t be saved, means that they are not persistent? What exactly is the problem?

      • When I press Save APN, this not save it, it does’nt appear in APN list and I think, your rom doesn’t found my sim card :o because it doesn’t ask me the pin code :/

        • Michael Montuori

          If it does not save, means it’s not correct…

          Regarding the SIM card, could you provide logcat?

          • Can you give me a mail to give you logcat ?

          • Michael, I had this problem too. Finally, I rebooted the phone. Then I found that all the APNs I had tried to save were showing. I had to go through and delete duplicates. So they seem to be there, but not refreshing. I also found that even with only one APN, I had to leave, come back, and CHOOSE that APN again in order for it to work.

      • I tested Atrix-MROM-ICS-20121105 and all works in it. So something is wrong with the new update :/

  8. Could i have your email to send you the logcat ?

  9. Hi montuori great rom but i have SOD =/ but i think the problem is the pudding the sod happens with all rom… you known any fix for this problem ? more info: thx

  10. Hola buenas primero agradecerte por tu aporte mi consulta es la siguiente si mi atrix es de at&t de aplicar ram fix o no ???? y como se que tipo de tegra es….???


    • Michael Montuori

      You can simply try the d00 first and it the phone bootloops, simply apply the 1100. One of the 2 will allow the phone to boot and see the entire RAM.

  11. Hello good I have a problem installing the rom she lights a great time but I do not detect the SIM card code does not ask me or anything, so I have no signal and help take care because I love rom

  12. Hi,

    first of all I would like to congratulate you! That’s the best ICS rom for Atrix! I’m using Atrix-MROM-ICS-20121114 with Atrix-MROM-ICS-RamFix-d00. My GPS is taking about 10 minutes to find my location on GoogleMaps, before the ICS it was taking less than 1 minute. Is that behavior normal? Do you know if there is anything that I could do to improve the GPS?

    Thank You!


  13. Hello,
    I have big problem with my atrix.. I unable to unlock screen when screen is off I can’t power on again.. But only with THIS ROM this working fine.. Thanks :)

    Do you know where is the problem?

  14. i installed this works fine but problem is that mobile network signals are not working.there is no signal of mobile network.please help…..

  15. “”Update from a previous version:

    Download file
    Put the file somewhere on the sdcard
    Boot into recovery and install zip
    Apply Ram Fix for your appropriate hardware tegra d00 or 1100
    Install Google ICS Apps
    Wipe cache/dalvik

    does this include the CM7 version of MROM?

    and how do i know which RamFix is the right one for me?

  16. Does this have hardware acceleration working? Last time I tried an ICS build for my MB860, it was pretty useless, because the lack of HW drivers meant terrible performance in games, movies, even some parts of the UI.

    • Michael Montuori

      Yes, hardware acceleration works, however, the rom does not work for all Atrix devices, but try it, it might work on yours…

  17. Hi

    Thanks for the ICS ROM.
    I am running into problems with GPS – after I upgraded to ICS ROM (from regular MROM) – I have lost GPS . Cellphone never gets GPS signal even after trying for 30-40 mins.

    Can you please help, this is important for me as I use it for my driving and travel.

    • Michael Montuori

      Please use GPS Stats and clear all the GPS cache data… that should force the phone to re-download and re-sync with GPS satellites…

  18. Hi, my MB860 is really fast with your ROM. However there is no webtop application in it and I can’t use with my lapdock.

    • Michael Montuori

      Webtop is only native to Blur roms. MROM is based on CyanogenMOD which does not support Webtop, however, you could use Ubuntop. Search the xda forum for how to install it…

  19. Step 6 of the install says

    •Apply Ram Fix for your appropriate hardware tegra d00 or 1100

    How do I find out what hardware my 4g is running so I can download the correct fix?

  20. When is the next update expected?

    • Michael Montuori

      We are working on a new kernel, the update will follow that schedule… anything in particular you are looking for?

  21. This room is very cool, the only suggestion I have is to change the default theme to the default and let the user choose the other one.

    Question: This room is compatible with nova launcher?

    Thank’s for your work.

    • Michael Montuori

      I will take the advice in consideration for the next builds… Nova Launcher only works on 4.x devices and above…

  22. Hello dear Michael!!! It’s a very nice ROM and stable too. Nice Work, some bugs are still present such is camera, video etc, plus what bothers me most is one problem, when I in aphone call the screen stay in black even when retreat Ear. Do you have same fix to this? Thank you very much to the help!!

    • Michael Montuori

      Sorry, bugs are not fixable in this rom until we have a new kernel, there is a project on XDA dedicated to porting olympus ICS/JB kernel.

  23. I have two questions, it is normal that the battery runs out of 100, 90, 80

    are using the phoenix kernel or kernel leak?

  24. Un cordial saludo, acabo de instalar la ROM y funciona de maravilla, excepto el servicio de localización por Wifi (solo GPS), lo he habilitado y deshabilitado varias veces sin hacerlo funcionar. Los programas lo detectan como deshabilitado. Alguna solución? Gracias de antemano.

    • Michael Montuori

      This ROM is based on the leaked version of the kernel and drivers, until we get a reliable kernel, we are going to see behaviors like this. Hang in there with us until we push an update…

  25. Hi: michael excellent work!!. very stable, fast and smooth. some instabilities own kernel. but much better than the original leak. Waiting hopefully more stable kernel. thank you very much. Lucio

  26. hello, see, I have wanted to try this rom on my atrix 4g, is there any news on the correct operation of the camera and fingerprint?? I care about is that it works well and is stable, thanks.

    • Michael Montuori

      Camera works but not the fingerprint. Please download Atrix MROM CM7 version for fingerprint to work…

  27. Will this ROM work with the 3.1.10 Kernel?
    I mean, you are working on that kernel, and the kernel works with ICS.
    Actually, i can’t wait to try a MROM based on CM10.1, but if this is compatible, i will jump on it! =D

  28. Hi Michael, I installed the Atrix 4g-ICS MROM and I noticed that immediately after install I have ‘SUPERSU’ AND ‘SUPERUSER’. What is the best course of action to take now? I assume that I should only keep one of them to prevent them from interfering with each other. What should I do? thanks for all your hard work.

  29. Development stopped ?

  30. Hi Michael;

    I’m wondering how far you see this going – my Atrix has been a great phone, and your roms have made it even better. Do you see it being a useful phone for the next year or so, and do you think that we’ll see the rest of the hardware features working?

    • Michael Montuori

      We are working towards delivering all hardware components working, however, with work and life in the middle, things are proceeding rather slowly lately… but again. our intention is to provide a fully working Atrix4G with newer Android versions…

  31. Michael, recently my battery life is terrible. It began after I installed a beta app to use my home-phone from my Atrix.

    Although I’ve since removed it, and the battery is still terrible, so the two may not be related, is there a guide somewhere on reducing power usage? I have to charge my phone twice a day now.

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