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Android Equalizer (DSP Manager)

If you always wanted an equalizer application for Android, this is the post for you. You can finally use the famous DSP Manager application (not available in the Android market) to add equalizer capabilities to Android.

DSP Manager allows audio manipulation controls of the different output devices, headset, speaker, and bluetooth; things like Loudness, virtual room emulation, and equalizer controls.

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for DSP Manager to be available without have to change the .so library for compatibility.

Of course, I deny any responsibility of damage caused to your device. I provide this information as is and the actual process may differ on your device.

In order to install DSP Manager perform: Read more »

Android Must Have Apps 2012

The following list is a revised list of my preferred applications for Android, it’s a modification from my original post for 2011.

For the Rooted crowd:

  • Titanium Backup: I rely on this application for backups and restores, the features to sync over dropbox and box are excellent. Of course I own the “Pro Key”, well worth the money.
  • aLogCat: should you need to look at the internal Android logs, very customisable.
  • MyBackupRoot: In the same category as Titanium Backup, but with the additional settings to backup things like: MMS,
  • SMS, Call log, Playlists, Settings, Android Home, and etc. I use this application is conjunction with Titanium Backup

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Refresh Android Motoblur Account

Sometimes you may find that the accounts setup in MotoBlur are giving you problems, or gets out of sync with the Morotola servers, and you would like to reset it. The following process will walk you through resetting the Motorola MotoBlur account, for reset I mean, re-syncing the account with Motorola.

First of all, I recommend doing this in a shell environment, but you can always use the built-in file manager of your choice, if you don’t know which file manager to choose, refer to my Best Android Applications post.

Secondly, a basic understanding of what a directory and a file are. If you don’t understand these basic concepts, then I recommend performing a full data reset/wipe.

You are still with me? Great, let’s get started. Read more »

Free Cloud Storage Solutions

Some time back, I decided to start investigating could services for storing personal files, pictures, music, and videos. Running backups of my personal files and the inability to easily shared them across multiple devices made me start researching cloud services. I had few requirements:

  • Run on Windows, Linux, and Android
  • Personal file backup
  • Ability to share files and music on all my devices
  • Low overhead running the services

After I identified the requirements, I started the research and found the following services broken down by service type; I divided the sections into 4 major sections: File Services, Music Services, Picture Services, and Video Services:

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